Simbavati Photo Safari 22-26 August Part 2

25th September 2015
The second half of our Photo Safari to Simbavati started off with a change in the weather, it got cold and cloudy and as a result of this sudden weather change we did not see too much that afternoon, we photographed a lone Hippo in his pool of water and then at dusk against the odds we had a spectacular sunset !

The clouds disappeared and we had a wonderful sunset and things were looking good for the next morning. On the way home we photographed a grey Heron fishing at night in the shallow water of a drying up dam.

The following morning we set off from camp and the first animal we bumped in to was a female giraffe silhouetted against the morning sky, we got some images of her with the soft morning dusk colors in the background, we did wonder if she was a old female as she seemed to have a very knobbly and boney neck that were clearly visible on our pictures !

We decided to go and have a look to see if the Hyena den was active, along the way we saw a Elephant bull with a broken tusk that was feeding on the bark of a raisin bush, we took a few images of him before he turned his bum to us and carried on feeding, we continued on our way to the Hyena den.

When we arrived at the den there was quite a lot of activity, there were young pups out as well as sub adult and adult Hyenas, they were sunning themselves in the morning sun.

After spending some time with the Hyenas we heard a big commotion coming from behind us, it sounded like Hyenas fighting, we were not sure what was going on as we could not see anything, the following minute we saw a young Hyena of approximately 6 months come running into the den with a large Adult female behind it, the Female dived into the den and pulled the pup out and proceeded to attack it !

A large portion of the Hyenas clustered around while the Female relentlessly attacked the youngster, another adult female tried to protect the pup from the attack but she was quickly chased off by other members of the clan that seemed to be supporting the large female Hyena that was attacking the youngster, the attack carried on for quite some time and there was nothing that the pup could do to protect itself.

It was hard to watch this attack as we did not understand why it was happening and because it was a young animal getting attacked by a adult of the same clan, the Female Hyena was relentless and she only stopped attacking the pup after at least 20 to 30 minutes and by this time the pup was so injured that it did not survive, it died later that day.

The video below has graphic footage of the attack.

After leaving the Hyenas everyone on the vehicle was a quiet after witnessing the attack.

We decided to have a coffee break after which we found a group of 3 young Lions, 2 Males and a female, they were looking for a nice shady spot to lie down for the day, when they did find a nice shady tree they all 3 flopped down to rest and we decided it was time for Breakfast so we headed back to camp.

The afternoon we decided to go back to the Lions after dark to try some spotlight photography so we spent the early part of the Afternoon photographing some general game, waterbuck, Zebra and a obliging Hornbill.

After sundowners we sent to where the Lions had been sleeping all day, they were just starting to wake up but it was a slow process of yawning and grooming.

While waiting for the Lions to wake we tried a few double exposure images, we used the spotlight to illuminate the tall grass close by as the first exposure and then by changing as few settings on the camera we took a second exposure of the moonrise , the resulting image was not too bad either !

Finally after getting some more images of the Lions in the Spotlight we headed back to the Lodge for our dinner.

The following morning was our last drive and decided to head to the South of the reserve, we photographed a Elephant bull grazing, he was quite relaxed and we got some nice images of him with his back legs crossed, it did look quite cute !

We then got word that Marula female Leopard had been found so we headed over to where she was having a nap !

Marula is a young female and she was lying down in the morning light, quite relaxed and she was settled down for the day, we got some images of her before it was time for us to head back to camp for breakfast and to say goodbye to everyone as we all headed home.

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