Simbavati photo Safari 11-15 March 2015 Part 1

17th March 2015
After checking in and meeting the group of photographers that were joining me on the trip we had a briefing on what to expect over the next few days as well as ensure that everyone was familiar with their cameras and that all settings and menus were set up for Wildlife photography, there was a nice mix of photographers in the group.

The first afternoon we spent photographing some general game as well as some Golden Orb web spiders at sunset, we tried some silhouette images as well as a bit of fill flash, it was a quiet start to our Safari.

The following morning we set out at 5-30 am and we went to a Hyena den close by, there were 6 hyenas at the den of various ages, we watched as some of the youngsters chewed sticks while others chased each other and got involved in a playful scuffle.

After the Hyenas we spent a wonderful time with a big Bull Elephant as he fed, we were able to get a variety of images of him in the morning light, we tried a few creative images of his ears and tusks as well, from the Elephant we went to have a look at Umfana Male Leopard that had caught a sub adult warthog, he lay on the edge of a bush and we managed to get some great portrait images of him before he strolled off into a thicket to escape the heat, we headed off to camp for some breakfast and a Lightroom Workshop.

The afternoon we set off to go and have another look at Umfana, on the way we bumped into a few Elephants before we ended up at Umfana, we watched as he fed on his warthog kill and we tried various shooting and lighting options, eventually we left Umfana and went for a sundowner drink, on the way back to camp we found a Spotted Hyena walking through a clearing, we got a few images of him with the Spotlight before he wandered off into the bush, we continued on home and found Argyle Junior female Leopard, she was on the move and she headed into a Mopani thicket and we were unable to follow so we went to camp for some dinner.

The Following morning we decided to track a large herd of Buffalo that had been seen the previous afternoon, after a great tracking display by our guide and tracker we found the Buffalos about 10 km from where we first had the tracks , we spent the following 30 minutes photographing the Buffalo herd, we tried many photographic options, there were a lot of young calves in the group that were good fun to watch and photograph.

After the Buffalo we went to have a look at Ntombi Female Leopard that had been found nearby, when we got to her she was searching and calling for her cub, we watched and furiously photographed all her movements, she stopped to groom herself for a few minutes before moving on calling the cub, eventually we left her to go back to the lodge, her cub was close by but we unfortunately did not see it. After breakfast it was again time to do some Lightroom and downloading.


Photo comment By Pieter Woest.: Dit is stunnining foto`s.
Photo comment By Wilma Brandstatter: Your photo's are of an exceptionally high quality. Thanks for inviting me to look at them, I regard it a privilege.

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