Quiver Tree Forest - Namibia

20th October 2014
Namibia is a Beautiful country and it is a great destination for all Landscape photographers, I recently returned from a photographic trip I led to Namibia where we concentrated on some of the iconic Landscapes Namibia has to offer, It was a rewarding trip and we returned with great images and memories of this stark country.
Our first stop was the Quiver Tree forest situated just outside of Keetmanshoop, clouds had moved in that day and a strong wind was blowing and I thought our chances of some great Landscape images were over as it started to rain quite heavily, the owner of the farm said the weather would blow over and we could only hope he was right !

We headed over to the Quiver tree forest that grows on the top of a small and rocky hill, there were some dramatic clouds in the sky and by using fill flash on the trees while exposing for the sky we took our first images of these amazing trees.

Later that afternoon the sun started breaking through the cloud cover just before sunset and we were treated to a spectacular sky and sunset with some remnants of the afternoons cloud cover in the background, I was using my Nikon D4 and a Tamron 16-28mm lens with a SB 910 flash mounted on a separate tripod providing fill flash to illuminate the trees in the foreground and I was really happy with the results !

I had hoped to do some star trail images but it was full moon so I got up at 4am the following morning to try my luck as the moon was setting, star trails were not going to work so I took a few star images instead with some color in the sky from the sun starting to creep towards the horizon, I would have to wait for the star trail images I wanted until we returned past the Quiver tree forest again on the homeward bound leg of our journey.

The following day the skies were clear and we watched a beautiful sunrise, we spent time in the forest photographing the trees in the daylight before setting off to the Giants Playground a 5 minute drive away, it really does look as if a few giant kids have been playing here piling rocks on top of each other creating some pretty amazing rock piles, after exploring the giants playground we headed back to the Quiver Tree forest.

That afternoon we again spent time in the Quiver tree forest just before sunset, although not as spectacular as the day before it was still beautiful, as the sun set in the West we turned our attention to the Eastern skies and photographed the trees with the blues and purples of the evening sky.

The following morning it was time to leave and make our way to Luderitz and Kolmanskop but I did return to the Quiver Tree forest on the last night of our journey through Namibia, it had been planned this way so that we could get our star trail images of the Quiver trees, we arrived in the afternoon and scouted around for some suitable trees for our star trail images, I set up and waited for the darkness, we had a amazing and clear sky that night and with one camera set up shooting star trails I moved around with the second camera shooting star images of the trees and I did some painting with light as well, time flies by quickly and all too soon it was time to pack up and get some sleep before the final leg back to South Africa.


Photo comment By Erasto Gurty: Hi Andrew, What a shot!!! Unexplainable! I like all your photos. Thank you for sharing.
Photo comment By Gaylin Duin nee Burlsie!!: Just lovely Andrew, Mum and I having a look at your site and enjoying very much. We think of you a Thea often esp this time of the year coming up to Christmas. Lots of love.

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