Simbavati Photo Safari 16 to 20 September part 2

01st November 2015
The second half of our Safari started off well with our fist sighting of a big herd of Buffalo, they were grazing slowly along the edge of the road and this gave us lots of opportunity to photograph them.

After the buffalo we went to go and have a look at Tshukanyana, he was still trapped up in the tree by a lone Hyena at the bottom, a great show of patience by both Leopard and Hyena ! they had now been in and at the bottom of the tree for about 12 hours, we wondered how comfortable the Leopard was in the tree, there certainly wasn’t a lot of room for him to get comfortable.

The cloudy sky had turned quite dark at this point and we used a combination of Spotlight and fill flash to photograph the Leopard in the tree with a nice dark background, we spent about and hour with him trying various photographic angles, finally we left the Leopard and headed off for a drink, after which we headed back to the lodge for dinner.

The following morning we found the herd of buffalo again, it was still cloudy and gloomy so we again tried some panning images of the Buffalo as they moved along.

After leaving the Buffalo we spent some time looking for Lions that was unsuccessful before we found a large herd of Impala on a nice open clearing, we again tried a to get a bit of motion blur in our images, some turned out OK but as with this type of Photography most ended up in the trash, After the impalas we headed back to the Lodge for breakfast and a session in lightroom.

That afternoon we decided to spend looking for Lions, thus far we had not seen any and we were going to put in a big effort to try and track them down ! While tracking and looking for the Lions we saw a nervous Leopard that ran away from the Vehicle and then we found a small herd of buffalo, they crossed the road ahead of us and they seemed nervous and they kept turning and looking behind them, we knew something was there but we couldn’t see anything.

We decided to wait a bit and sure enough after about 5 minutes the Ndlovu pride of Lions appeared in the distance, there were 3 females and 5 cubs, they were tracking the Buffalos and soon we were photographing them walking alongside the vehicle, I tried a few panning images of the Lions and cubs as the trotted along.

When the lions caught up with the Buffalo again they lay down and watched, this lasted for quite some time and eventually we had to leave the lions, we found out later that they had stayed exactly where they were and hadn’t moved, by now it was dark and we went back to the Lodge.

The following morning was our last and we immediately went to see if the Lions had hunted the night before,on the way we bumped into a pack of 4 Wild Dogs, they were on the hunt and we watched as they dashed across a clearing after a herd of Impala, the Impalas were too quick and they got away, the Dogs are very tricky to follow when they run off road and soon we had to drop out of the chase and let other vehicles ahead of us find them again.

After this great bit of excitement we again continued our search for the Lions, when the Lions were found they were all tucked up together, it was a windy and cloudy morning and the Lions were snuggling up for a bit of warmth, we could only assume that the previous nights hunt did not go well.

After spending a good amount of time with the sleepy Lions we carried on with our drive, we found the herd of Buffalo again not too far from where the Lions were sleeping, the herd was peacefully grazing in the cold morning.

Finally it was time for us to head back to the Lodge for breakfast and also to say goodbye to everyone, we had a great Safari and everyone left with a few wonderful memories and Images.


Photo comment By Gerardina Alvarez: Beautiful picture, is a delight to ser so many amazing animals capture by the camera of Andrew Shoeman!

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