Elephant Plains photo safari 11-15 July Part 2

28th August 2015
After a great start to our Safari we were now halfway through and looking forward to the second half.

That afternoon we went looking for Salayexe and her cub, she had been seen in the morning at the den but now she and the cub were gone, we searched and searched but could not find any sign of the Leopard.

After leaving the area where Salayexe had her den we found the 4 Birmingham Male Lions, they were fast asleep in a small clearing, we managed to get a few images of the lions by using some spotlight and fill flash but the Lions were not moving a muscle and they did not wake from their sleep !

After waiting at the Lions for over an hour we eventually decided to head back to the Lodge for dinner.

The following morning we searched the general area around the lodge for any signs of Lion or Leopard, on the way we photographed a small herd of elephants as they were feeding, there was one young calf that was quite entertaining as he tried his best to intimidate us and chase us away.

After the Elephants we photographed some Impala before we got news that Salayexe and the cub had been found, we immediately went to the den site where we again spent some time with the Leopard and her cub as they played and interacted in the morning, finally we left them and went back to camp for breakfast.

For the afternoon drive we went back to Salayexes den site, we could just not get enough of this beautiful young Leopard cub ! After some searching we managed to find mom and her cub, they had moved from where they had been in the morning and it was a bit harder to get photos of them but after some skillfull positioning of the vehicle by our ranger we managed to get some great images of the cub as it played on a branch before going to suckle, by this time it was getting a bit dark so we left the Leopards alone.

After a quick drinks break we went in search of the Birmingham male lions again, we went back to the area where we had seen them the day before and while searching the area we found 2 of the lions, they were walking quite quickly in the direction of a nearby waterhole, we decided to get ahead of the Lions and drove to the waterhole.

Here we found the rest of the Male Lions busy having a drink, we got ourselves into a good position and got some great images of the lions as they drank in the spotlight.

The lions were very thirsty and they spent at least 10 minutes at the water slaking their thirst, we changed our position a number of times and managed to get more images of the thirsty Lions, finally the lions had drank their fill and it was time for us to go back to the lodge for our own dinner.

The following morning was our last drive and by unanimous decision everyone wanted to see if we could photograph Salayexe and her cub one final time so we set off to the den to look for her.

After some searching we again managed to find the Leopard and her cub, they were in the riverbed below the den site and Mom was showing her cub how to climb a pushed over tree, we got a few images of the tree climbing cub but the lesson was brief and the Leopards jumped down off the tree and headed back up the riverbank.

We circled around and found the Leopards on top of the embankment but the cub was a lot less active and after one quick look at the vehicle both mother and cub went and to sleep !

It had been a great safari once again to Elephant plains with some amazing sightings and it was time to go back to camp for breakfast and to pack up and head home.

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