Madagascar Photo Safari Day 5

28th December 2015
This morning after our breakfast we went for a walk around the Palmarium reserve with our guide Edwin, on Palmarium there is a wide variety of Lemurs that live in the forest and they are quite habituated to people walking around the Reserve, this makes it a good place to photograph the Lemurs.

We started our walk and after a few minutes we found a Beautiful Black and White Ruffed Lemur perched on a tree trunk, a short while later I was photographing a Tree frog that had found the perfect leaf to shelter in.

Further along our walk we found and photographed a Black Lemur as well as a Red Bellied Lemur that has White patches around its eyes.

We also saw Coquerels Sifaka’s and in the Leaf litter on the Forest floor Edwin found a tiny frog about the size of my Thumbnail perfectly camouflaged amongst the leaves.

Further in the Forest we found more Brown Lemurs and a small Family of Indri Indri that were calling from the treetops.

Finally after about 3 hours we reached the end of the Forest and we found ourselves on the beach, the Ocean on one side and the Forest on the other, here we saw a number of Collared Iguanid’s running on the beach sand displaying to one another.

It had been a great morning exploring the Forest of Palmarium and now we headed off for lunch and a quick siesta before heading off at sunset back to Aye-Aye Island for our second chance to see the Aye-Aye.

This time I knew what to expect and I was better prepared, the Aye-Aye had already been found and we spent the next 40 minutes photographing and filming this amazing creature.
After we had finished viewing the Aye-Aye we returned to the jetty and our small boat to head back to camp.

I had brought my tripod along this time and before we left to go back to the lodge I took a few Images of the stars with a Palm tree as well as the boat docked at the jetty.

Finally we headed back to the Lodge for dinner and bed, it had been a wonderful day seeing and photographing the beautiful creatures in the Palmarium reserve

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