Madagascar Photo Safari Day 2

12th December 2015
The following morning we set off from the Lodge and went to the Andasibe National Park entrance gate, here we met our guide Roger, he is one of the local guides that escort guests through the forest, we set off down one of the many pathways and started our exploration of Andasibe Forest.

Roger showed us some interesting plants, insects and birdlife along the way, we spotted a few Brown Lemurs very high up in the treetops but it was too difficult to see them properly or get any images so we continued on our way.

A short while later we spotted a group of Diademed Sifaka’s, they were feeding up in the trees eating the new fresh shoots , every now and again the group would jump from tree to tree searching for more fresh shoots to eat and we would follow on the forest floor craning our necks upwards to watch these furry creatures as they moved through the canopy.

After about 30 minutes of photographing the Sifaka’s they finally moved off and we stopped following them, what a amazing creature to see, Roger took us back to the pathway and we continued our search in the forest.

We had been hearing the call of the Indri Indri, Madagascars largest lemur since we had started our morning walk and Roger was determined to find some for us and it wasn’t long before we heard another call of the Indri Indri, this time it was really close !

We set off down the path and in a small clearing we found a small family of Indri Indri, a Male a Female and their little baby, The Indri were slowly feeding with short bouts of resting in between, the Indri Indri has the most amazing blue eyes and I instantly fell in love with them.

We spent about 45 minutes with the Indri and we were fortunate enough to be watching them as they called in response to another family who was calling close by , their sound is extremely loud and powerful.

The female Indri momentarily hung down from her perch searching for leaves to eat on the branches below her and for a few moments I was able to photograph her with her baby safely tucked up on her stomach, finally we left the Indri family and we started to make our way back to the park entrance.

Along the way we looked for birds and we also saw a second group of Diademed Sifaka but this time they were in a rush and we couldn’t catch up to them as they moved through the forest, shortly after the Sifakas Roger found the Bizarre looking Giraffe necked weevil, this was also one of the many creatures we had hoped to see during our trip to Madagascar so I was extremely happy to see and photograph one.

By now it was midday and we left the forest to go and eat some lunch at one of the nearby restaurants, after lunch and a bit of a rest we again met Roger at the park and we headed off into the park again.

During our afternoon walk we found a group of Brown Lemurs that we watched for quite some time, they were slowing feeding and moving along through the forest.

After the Brown Lemurs we spotted a number of Day Geckos and the trunk of a Traveller Palm, their brilliant green color helping them blend into their surroundings.

On the way back to the gate at the end of the afternoon we found a Ground Boa, the Boa was curled up next to the pathway and it had the most amazing blue eyes, the only thing I could think was that it was in the process of shedding its skin.

After leaving the park we headed back to our hotel for a quick rest, we were meeting Roger at dusk to go on a night walk along the Tar road that runs along the boundary of the Park.

Later on that evening just as it was getting dark we met Roger on the road outside the park and we slowly started walking along the road searching in the surrounding bush for anything interesting using our headlamps.

It wasn’t long before Roger found the first of 3 Mouse Lemurs, these guys are the Tiniest Lemurs that can be found in Madagascar and I was amazed that Roger could find them so easily, we were fortunate enough to photograph the Mouse Lemur as they didn’t wait around too long after being spotted.

Further down the road we spotted a few species of frogs as well as a sleeping Parsons Chameleon, all too soon the night walk was over and our Driver Solo picked us up and took us back to the Hotel for dinner, it had been a amazing day and we had seen some amazing creatures.

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