Kruger Wildlife photography workshop

29th September 2014
I hosted a 2 day basic photography Workshop in the Kruger from the 25th to the 27th September. I had a group of enthusiastic photographers with me and everyone was excited and ready to start the Workshop.
The first afternoon after checking in and meeting everyone we set off on our first game drive, on the way we discussed the technical aspects of photography and I showed the group how their cameras worked and what the various buttons did and the different functions the cameras had, we saw some Lions sleeping close to the road and I talked everyone through the process of how to photograph Wildlife, we discussed the settings required to capture the image based on the available light as well as the composition of the image, later on we stopped on a bridge for a sundowner where we photographed a Croc in the river as well as a beautiful sunset.

On the way back to the camp we came across a large Male Leopard walking down the road, I quickly explained to everyone how to capture images at night using the spotlight and we all managed to get a few nice images of him as he walked down the road scent marking as he went. We left the Leopard after he disappeared into the bush and headed back to camp.

The following morning we set off again searching for some good photographic opportunities, we found a female Leopard in a tree with her kill but unfortunately for us she was too well hidden for any pictures, it was a perfect Leopard hiding spot ! We carried on our journey and we found a Male Lion not far off the road, he was lying down and pretty soon he flopped over to sleep.
We slowly continued on in a circular loop back to the camp, on the way we photographed Kudus, Impalas some Rhino and a herd of Buffalo that were crossing the road.

After breakfast I presented the theory component of the Workshop, we discussed Aperture, ISO and Shutter speed and how they are all inter linked, we covered composition and depth of field and a number of other basics that will help improve our photography.
That afternoon we set off again along the river, it had been a warm day and the river was filled with animals, Giraffe, Buffalo, Elephants, Bushbuck, Impala as well as Vervet monkeys and Baboons, the same Lions from the day before were still in the river and as we had our sundowner they slowly started to wake up and made their way across the sand to the opposite riverbank preparing for the nights hunting that lay ahead.

We set off back to the camp and on the way we bumped into a couple of hyenas as they walked along the road going about their business. Back at the camp we watched as a large Porcupine walked over the grass in front of the Braai area also heading off to search for food, we were later joined by a Thick Tailed Bushbaby that sat on the roof of the building and briefly watched us before jumping away into the night, in the kitchen window was a Gecko trying to catch insects and I couldn’t resist a shot of it as it was silhouetted against the light !

The following morning we set off again as the gates opened, we went along a different route that produced some Kudus, Duiker, Steenbok and a few Rhino as well as a Wahlbergs Eagle and a Brown Snake Eagle, all too soon our time was up and it was time to head back to camp, after breakfast we said goodbye and made the journey home, we had a great time in the Park and managed to get some wonderful images.

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